Our Dream

Our dream was to find a way to make coaching much more accessible and affordable so that you could offer really good coaching throughout an organisation - not just to executives but to first line and middle managers as well.

By working with a number of critical friends and leading experts, we brought this dream to life. We achieved this through creating a suite of structured coaching 'packs'. Each pack is delivered through a series of 60 minute coaching calls which provide participants with the ability to make big changes fast.

The Packs

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Achieving my goals Take the express elevator From workshop to workplace Deliver organisational objectives
Me Me Me
Achieving my goals...

The Me Me Me CoachingPack provides that rare opportunity to personally stand back, reflect and consider your current focus and personal goals.

The coaching agenda is set around your objectives; helping you to remove barriers and achieve your targeted goals.

  • Reflect on the goals you want to achieve in the next 12 months
  • Understand what you can do to achieve them
  • Discover how you are limiting yourself and how to overcome these barriers
Take the express elevator

There are occasions when it really helps to stand back and consider "where do I go from here?"

From the first 100 days in a new job to supporting your talent pool, 'Next Step' supports high performing individuals to accelerate their way up the elevator.

Transferring the learning from the workshop to the workplace

Embed ROI has been especially designed to help individuals embed the learning they have received from an internal or external workshop - providing a real return on investment.

By focusing on the workshops learning objectives, the coach works with the participant to ensure they apply their learning back into the day job.

Designed to deliver organisational objectives

CoachingPack, Inside Org. is a bespoke package, designed specifically to achieve a defined set of organisational objectives.

How does this work? In practice, we will come and talk with you about your specific business priorities which the coaching programme needs to deliver, for both the organisation and the participants. We do this face-to-face so we can get a first-hand feel of your organisational culture and ways of working.

We then design a coaching journey combining a blend of online learning interventions (ideas, exercises & tools) with focussed one to one coaching sessions using the appropriate volume and method of coaching to meet your budget.

Driven by you...

The objectives of our coaching programmes are completely driven by you.

For a free telephone consultation with one of our coaches please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01954 710779.


We hate nasty hidden costs which is why we are completely transparent about the cost of each of our packs.

15 minute consultation session£0 (Free of charge even if you decide not to proceed)
Two 60 minute coaching calls£342
Three 60 minute coaching calls£495
Four 60 minute coaching calls£660
Five 60 minute coaching calls£775
Six 60 minute coaching calls£840
Optional - If you would like your first session face to face, add £295 to the total prices above

Prices are exclusive of VAT and any incurred travel expenses.

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